Reviews for "Bunnycat 2"

Nice little Short

Seems like something that I would see on Nickolodeon, except without the cursing and the ninja calling a bunnycat "beeyatch." The bunnycat sounds like an interesting idea, but I would like to know more background behind it. Also, if possible, a nice intro. would be nice instead of that weird bunnycat song. The graphics were very good, and would challenge some of the stuff I see on tv. Also, the ninja reminded me a lot of the ninja from the video game "I-Ninja." Just wondering if there was a resemblance.The style was nice, but the flash was too short. Not much violence, and this flash was good for a quick chuckle. Overall, good flash, but needs more content.
Grade: B

Wonchop responds:

You can always watch the first episode for a lil backstory/violence, though that's even shorter. XD
I have to say, I'm a shorts making guy.


I couldn't but laugh at the "ice-cream on the ground" part. And the moral of the story is... ninjas are jerks. Heh. "You're a credit to this community! Have some ice cream!" "TOUGH COOKIE!" *splat*

Aye. Basically, very smooth, if remarkably tweenified, with tongue firmly in cheek. Very nice work, sir.

Wonchop responds:

Heh, well I find tweens work better for this art style.


Oh nos, you squishy everyones favorite sacred cow. Da ninja.

Oh nooos. shoot you should have put it in the ultimate ninja competition. ^_^


I thought he was going to sing.

I knew just by the title who did this and I had to watch.... OMG my EYES!!!!


Wonchop responds:

Erm...I'm pretty sure he's mpt a cow.


The moral is the most of the humor

Wonchop responds:

hehe, gotta love morals


Aww how cute! Strange but entertaining. And I doubt anyone actually pays for their Macromedia Flash legally. Adorable theme song (if you can call it that). Cute graphics, and awesome story! Poor ninja!


Wonchop responds: