Reviews for "Bunnycat 2"

Nice little Short

Seems like something that I would see on Nickolodeon, except without the cursing and the ninja calling a bunnycat "beeyatch." The bunnycat sounds like an interesting idea, but I would like to know more background behind it. Also, if possible, a nice intro. would be nice instead of that weird bunnycat song. The graphics were very good, and would challenge some of the stuff I see on tv. Also, the ninja reminded me a lot of the ninja from the video game "I-Ninja." Just wondering if there was a resemblance.The style was nice, but the flash was too short. Not much violence, and this flash was good for a quick chuckle. Overall, good flash, but needs more content.
Grade: B

Wonchop responds:

You can always watch the first episode for a lil backstory/violence, though that's even shorter. XD
I have to say, I'm a shorts making guy.


Oh nos, you squishy everyones favorite sacred cow. Da ninja.

Oh nooos. shoot you should have put it in the ultimate ninja competition. ^_^


I thought he was going to sing.

I knew just by the title who did this and I had to watch.... OMG my EYES!!!!


Wonchop responds:

Erm...I'm pretty sure he's mpt a cow.


The moral is the most of the humor

Wonchop responds:

hehe, gotta love morals


Aww how cute! Strange but entertaining. And I doubt anyone actually pays for their Macromedia Flash legally. Adorable theme song (if you can call it that). Cute graphics, and awesome story! Poor ninja!


Wonchop responds:


Bunnt cat?

What the hell is a bunny cat ^_^ Lol

Wonchop responds:

half bunny, half cat
I thought it was obvious...