Reviews for "Bunnycat 2"

Bunnt cat?

What the hell is a bunny cat ^_^ Lol

Wonchop responds:

half bunny, half cat
I thought it was obvious...

Maybe a little work on the story...

...but that was a really cool art style.

Wonchop responds:


*thumbs up*

Great Flash Video. Keep up the good work

Wonchop responds:



Liked the style although the animation could have been better...too "bobby"

Wonchop responds:

bobby? O_o

'mistake' made

+++ Sharp vectors

+++Really expressive voices

+++ The ninja's 'mistake' made me chuckle.

-- Maybe you could've had Bunnycat be a tad more expressive? His actual eyelids/shape-of-whites-shown never change, for example...

-- I felt the end could've been directed better. I think we needed a slightly longer build between showing the rancid flies, glass etc. and him licking it. Maybe he could've shrugged, maybe pausing a second longer... just my kick-ass opinion.

Wonchop responds:

Well expressions I'm a bit weary of since everything is tweened in this instead of the keyframing I use in the usual animations. I'll experiment with stuff in the future.