Reviews for "Bunnycat 2"

This is a good flash!

This is pretty good man. I really enjoyed watching it. Keep up the good animation and keep posting good stuff like this. It gives the newgournd's user some thing good to watch.

Wonchop responds:

remember, the review system goes up to 10


it was a good short film you can watch with little kids around... unforntounatly i didnt find it that humurous but the graphics were great and everything was good just a little more humor and i would give it a 10 out of 10

Wonchop responds:

goth chick's boobs.
can I have a ten now?

Good video.

But the sound crapped out in like 2 sec.

Wonchop responds:



i liked the song at the begining and end. but that was pretty much it. i dont like the voices that you used for the characters. they just didnt match. and it was stale humor. graphics were alright though.

Wonchop responds:



Well made and good graphics, but with nearly no entertainment factor or length, this doesn't deserve front page. I'm guessing it only got it because your flashes usually slip on there as of late, so this one crawled its way up too.

Stick to your other style.

Wonchop responds: