Reviews for "Bunnycat 2"

Dude this is great

I just laughed so hard when the ninja jumped down and said "Give me your ice-cream!"

Wonchop responds:


tough cookies?

never heard that before.
also good work

Wonchop responds:

it was originally 'tough shit' but I thought I'd tone it down a lil

Cute and funny ^_^

Gotta love Bunnycat, though "Cabbit" is shorter :P Cabbits are uber-cute. Loved the Ninjas voice too :D

Gotta love being a fur ^_^

Wonchop responds:

But Cabbit sounds like Cabbage. Euck.


I love the moral! XD I love this so muchhhy! Goood laugh! Awesome!


Wonchop responds:


Really funny

I love the moral of this flash. Heh it's true though........... yep' it's true, for a second there I thought I was gonna take back my words ^_^" Anyways great flash and awesome humor, can't wait till your next flash.

Wonchop responds: