Reviews for "Identity (2006)"


i liked the style of it but didnt really like the story line or humor because it didnt really have any... the art and animation was good and i really liked the style of it.

you said it was a school art project but i cant really see you giving in dead ppl, a guy being sick and sifting through shit to find his wallet as your final piece...


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Well, I'm not gonna pretend like I completely understood it all, but I'm not gonna act like a pompous little prick and say that it sucked, because it didn't. I liked the way it FELT, the quiet intensity throughout. It was very well put together.


I would hate to meet the kind of people who like something like this. your story, if you can call it that has nothing to it, its bland and has no real point.


Well, to be honest, I read through a few other reviews before making my own, and noticed you gave off a lot of responses to criticism. Always a good idea.

As for the dark humor aspect, it's not always that easy for some people to take humor in his pain. Often, even without much characterization, I find myself connecting to the character in some way or another, and tend to get real depressed if they're depressed, or real uplifted if they're having a good day. This kinda humor is, unfortunately, acquired... If nothing else, the random events did make me laugh.

I do, however, greatly appreciate the style of this. You used a very simplistic look, almost childish. From frame to frame, his legs seemed to shrink and grow, different things changed position, etc. And of course, the b/w with splashes of red made the blood seem like a very important part of the piece, adding to the overall dark tone.

Very nice