Reviews for "Identity (2006)"


that was funny and awesome
great job

Peda responds:

thanks for enjoying it
*Note to reviewers: Love the appreciation, but also love detailed reviews.

Glad u found it funny too :)

simple but brilliant

this cartoon reminded me to put things in perspective

sure life can get pretty bad but at least you're still alive

loved every second of it

keep up the good work

Peda responds:

very good, thank you very much

I loved it ^-^

I love to see this work and Im glad you made the front page, this animation is more or less depressing, but very intresting the title is really...starnge, for the actual animation, I hands down give you a *5* and hope to see more work in the near future ^-^


Peda responds:

Thanks for being glad about the front page, I personally feel awesome. quite very awesome :D

Woe is Identity

Amazing how bad this guy has it...Kinda plays out like a commercial for an anti-depression prescription..Good overall bad for that guy though


as one can provide proof of a true depiction of murphys law....identity (2006) has a representation of the brutal truth and artistic form of our society....and most mondays