Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

What a bad day for this stickman

Good movie, i liked it =D

Pretty good... I like the style.

The style of this isn't seen enough, but I think it would suit the tone you're using more if you perhaps put quiet background music on. I mean, it shouldn't be blasting like other movies but it lacked the ability to captivate the audience.

This is NOT a David Firth-ish movie... someone said it was. I for one really enjoy David Firth cartoons. I cannot say that this is much like his work. Similar tone, very different styles and pretty different ideas. Yeah... style is insanley different.

Besides that, though, I'm pretty curious about the title. It didn't make much sense to me... is it a sign that this is a series? (maybe you said that and I was too lazy to read it?)

Anyways, I'm still wondering about the meaning and otherwise I found this pretty good. (loved the style - not used enough)

Wow thx for making me depressed

Why would you make that. It just makes you feel horible so unless your like some emo freak i would not make anymore of those. But your a good animator.


as one can provide proof of a true depiction of murphys law....identity (2006) has a representation of the brutal truth and artistic form of our society....and most mondays


I like it. The animation was really fluid, and the stick figures and doodles felt good. The apathy of the character was pretty funny too. Dont listen to Digimaks, he has no idea what hes talking about. Plots arent a necessity. Look at Clerks, one of the greatest indie movie success stories ever, no plot. Sticking to a given format just keeps us dwindling on the past.