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Reviews for "HAMU"

mostly relaxing

I like breakout games, and I enjoyed the extra graphic interest in this one. It made the breaking out part way less monotonous. The exploding blocks were awesome but sometimes made the ball too hard to see and made its movement unpredictable. I liked the music!

So so..

Not my personal cup of tea, despite being modelled on one of my fave types of games. Why?
a) the blocks bouncing around the screen after being hit was distracting rather
than challenging
b) unable to pause the game mid-level
c) the music was off-putting with no way to turn it off (my biggest gripe)

Some power-ups would make it more fun, and if the blocks just fell in a straight
line when they're hit would be less distracting!


this is the best looking flash game so far

good game

i liked it, it was fun but could have used some powerups or something

and to the person below me there was a hidden box on the right side

liked it

It was good but on the secret garden level I think, it glitched and said that I still had another box when I didn't.