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Reviews for "HAMU"


Reminds me of the game you get when you first get a computer or laptop...Even if the blocks fall pass the ball when it hits the base, its still pretty good way to put falling and hitting in combine in this game ^_^

Nice new twist

I really liked that the squares were still "in play" after you knocked them down the first time, having to race around after the ball when it bounced of something falling and came back rather quicker than expected.
The sound was okay, not too repetative and pretty funky. As the person before me send, way to go revamping the graphics.
Only "problem" as such is that if you clear too many blocks at once your ball gets masked by the little rectangles flying off and it's rather annoying.

Simple fun!

I loved all the shine-y glare off the colorful shapes, adding detail to some great simple graphics. The backround could have been better, but thats just a minor detail.

The gameplay was very fun, a good amount of easy first levels to get used to it, then getting fast-paced and more fun as you go on. The squares breaking down smoothly was a great oringinal part of the game! And the life-like physics of the ball were wonderful!

Overall- Oringinal, fun game with great animation and physics!

Great Game.

And Mabey The Greatest I Ever Played From Your Flash!! Voted 5 On This Art Now, It`s HhHhOoOoTtTt!!!! Great For EveryOne And EveryBody. This One, Is Number 1 Game. Well Umm, Not Just The Greatest, But The Bettest I Played Out Of Yours. I Voted 5 On This Great Game. P.S. I Stink


Dude! Normally this game is very boring but.... You found the way to the pleasure!!! Good job!
I'm really impress ^^