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Reviews for "HAMU"


It was fun and the "hypnotic" effects were awesome. ^.^

Done Before

This game was done before and done better. This would of been ok but WHERE ARE THE POWER UPS.

Some effects doesn't make a game

Well, the game wasn't that different from a normal Breakout game. What I'm trying to say is that some effects doesn't make a game. And not enough with that, I found the effects annoying several times because it was easy to lose the ball inside all the effects.

If you're interested in making a sequel, you should make several changes, first, do something with the effects, lower the alpha or something. Then, maybe add power-ups, that wouldn't be bad. And a last thing, why is the quality low, and you can't even change it? So, a lot of work, huh? Well, on scripting, yes, on designing the game, no. That's what's wrong, you should take some time on the game design next time, and think about what do the players want, and what do they not.

Otherwise, I love breakout, and I think this game could've been way better only if you would've put some more work on designing the game.


All that game did was give me a head ache....i mean what was my motivation for this game...it was basically the same every level..the floating blocks were more of a distraction...


music and idea was goo but it needs poer ups a break out without power ups is like mario game without mushrooms