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Reviews for "HAMU"

nice work! love the cute techno soundtrack =D

the exploding blocks make it kinda hard to keep track of the ball.. but other than that, pretty darn cool game id say.. =)

keep em' comin mowfow! XD


Didn't enjoy the exploding blocks at all....just made me feel like i was going blind or something...!!!

Nice try though


I had little idea as to why this was listed as a puzzle game, when it appears to not be one. Still, this was a great game to play if only because the classic Javanoid games were the first kinds I ever played on Newgrounds! Everything was done really well and I liked the blocks bouncing around and how they could be hit twice. It was also cool to see everything come together in the beginning of the level. The music was nice and I had a great Oriental feeling to it. It could have been a bit more detailed, but still great.

old gmae new touch

I like the graphics in this game and the actionscript


I did not like it, the music is giving me a migraine the blocks irritate me and the name tricks people.