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Reviews for "HAMU"

An older idea with new age twists :)

I like this game fairly well. It is your basic Break Out game with a few twists added to it. The hidden blocks are a great idea. There should be a way to start back at the level you were instead of having to completely restart it all though because I reached level 9 and going back through all of that would take forever.

variations on an established theme

Firstly - over 218 reviews, over 70k views/2k votes... front page... a lot of folk obviously loving the game... and because it was 2nd rather than first you suggest your work 'went to nothing'?


Anyway... I basically played this game one two occasions. Last time was when the game got front page. I got so far, failed, then left it. This time I again played, got to the 'Defence' level then after losing decided I couldn't be arsed going through all the levels again.


---- I just don't like having to replay levels. I think you should at least have an option to continue.

----- Not much changes from level to level. Sure, the 2-hit blocks, the invisible blocks and invincible blocks were introduced, but I don't think there's enough creative variation.

++++ Great in-game presentation. Lovely particle effects for when the ball hits the walls or when the spinning blocks break. Nice spinning for falling blocks. Also, nice moving squares in the bg.

++++ The way we need to hit the blocks as they fall to garner the real points is an interesting one.
Having said that, I think more could be done with the idea. As it is, there doesn't seem to be any real encouragement to get the blocks as they fall. Maybe if so many gave a special ability or we needed a quota to pass levels, or even if you just gave us more lives after so many points...

It's nice to see variations on an established theme, but I think you could have ran with the concept a bit more. As it is, I found it kinda dull and felt like playing yet again would be a waste of time.


This is absolutely the best hitting-a-ball-with-a-paddle-and-breaking-blocks game I've ever played. Loved the music, and loved how you can hit a falling block to make it explode. And the graphics were very good, considering that you can't really go very far with them with this sort of game.
It was a bit more difficult then your standard game like this, but the challenge was fun.
I absolutely love it. 'nuff said.
A 10/10 for you!

Ehhh....it was okay

It was pretty much like every other ball-bouncing-off-the-paddle-and-destroying-the-blocks game, except that you could double-hit the falling blocks and make them explode, which was kind of cool. The only problem was that when a whole bunch of blocks were exploding at the same time, it was easy to lose track of where the ball was and miss it as it came down.

Bottom line: not the worst game I've played, but not spectacular, either.

T'wasn't great and it t'wasn't bad.

To be honest I can feel the sour grapes in when you left your comments and get the vibe that even if you had gotten first daily place you'd still find something to whine about. I only have one thing to say about that.. get over it.

The graphics were okay. I like the way you could see the residue from when the ball hit anything.

The style a rather simple yet elegant look.

The sound effects were good but there you lacked in background music. It was rather repetitive and there were no other options for background music or option to turn it off.

I don't think there was any violence to comment on. It was an easy game that could be played by "all of the family". I suppose that if you were picky you could say that the way the ball destroyed the blocks was pretty destructive though. *shrugs*

As it was a game the interactivity was high. Games are always good for those who know their Flash and want something challenging to create. However, you're really only flicking left and right, maybe options to get the equivelent of a gun so that the user can shoot bullets once they get to a certain level or such would be nice.

Humour was N/A.

Overall I think you did fairly well. It was an old game with a new twist but I think you should try something a bit more original next time. You've definately got the skill for it.

Good luck.