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Reviews for "HAMU"

good idea but

i liked the graphics and the falling things, but i thought the game was to slow, to easy, it had no powerups, and nothing that made it atractive.

also, i think you should make it keyboard only, because the mouse makes it extra easy


Why in the name of anyone has this recieved nothing but reviews from douche's?

1. The graphic style is great. Hey, you people, you say they're too tacky or poor, they're shiny and colourful. Go have a look at some DS games. Jesus, what do you expect from a Flash, PS2 quality? Sake...
2. It starts off pretty easy, but after a few levels, things get a bit trickier, the ball hits off the blocks and you lose track of the fucker, gahh!!
3. To the idiots who don't like how the ball hits off bricks: It's a fetaure of the game, dumbass.
4. It's another breakout game, yeah, but it's done really well, it's slick and it's tidy, no cut corners, besides spelling you 'u' and your 'ur. Advice: Don't do that.
5. This would make a pretty decent handheld console game given a few extra features.

Nice job, well done.


it was alrite. but i have sum complaints:

1)too easy
2)no pause button wich would help greatly(sorry if im mistaken)
3)graphics were a bit taccy
4)i didnt like the way the bricks fly off and you can hit them again once uve already hit them
5)much too slow!!
6) didnt have the style that this game needS.
there are already so many games like ures it woul be hard to make one as good. try making something completely different

that was sketchy

every thing was ggod sept wen you blew up some of the boxes it was hard 2 see the ball

Good ideas

I liked the idea of having the bricks break off and be re-attackable after being hit, it adds a nice twist to the normal breakout game.