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Reviews for "HAMU"


Hitting blocks just isn't very original. The only thing that made this any different was the exploding block thing which made the ball mostly unseeable. I couldn't see the ball half the time and a toggle switch for the music would be well appreciated.

very good idea!

I love the game, but there are two things that keep me from giving it a 10:

1: the lack of powerups

2: the vast amount of spelling errors. "u", "ur", and leaving out the apostrophe is fine in texting, but I don't want to play a game as much if it looks like the programmer doesn't know how to write.


I liked the effect of the re-destroyable blocks but it was a bit slow, would benefit from bonus items like large paddle and small paddle etc. makes it more exzciting and challenging ^_^

blocks from blocks?

this is just another bounce the ball game, with a slight annoying feature introduced. I really think you should of thought this game over.

Good breakout

A very good game, with a little originality added to the fallen blocks.