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Reviews for "HAMU"

Lovely game

I accidentally clicked on 4 instead of 5, but all in all awesome game.

love it!!!

I love the new concept of when the blocks after you hit them that you could hit them again as they fall. it gives the game a challenge. good job :)

Freash Adaptation

This adaptation has enough of a fresh twist to keep it interesting and playable among others. The pacing is well done and the scripting seems pretty solid. The graphics are simple and that works well for this adaptation. I was not very impressed with the scoreboard display, though, as it looked almost as if it were added as an afterthought and no design effort was put into it. The sound effects are nice and the music is okay - I like that the music changes with some level-ups, otherwise I would not be too impressed with the score. The most important thing that needs to be addressed is that gameplay gets lost when more actions are taking place on the screen. I love that so much is going on but when it does, the ball's position is not clear at all. If the ball is going to be amongst all of that action, it needs to stand out so the player has a chance to follow it's path and move accordingly. A last gameplay tip, I would prefer some clue or warning that some blocks are just going to appear out of nowhere and redirect the ball. One level had this happen twice right near the bottom of the play area - near where the paddle is. As a designer, you may see this as a challenge for players, but the way it comes across is that it is just a "cheap shot" put there to discourage the player instead. All-in-all, this is a really good game and I'd like to see it improved only because then it could be a great game! This game has a few small obstacles, but still deserves a nice chunky score of 7/10 for being as good as it is. This will be on my favorites list.

Ball ball

The ball should be black because I can't see the red ball when the red blocks are bouncing around like hell.


Loved it!

Hey man i loved this game, i like how you took such a simple game and gave it a fun twist. Keep up the good work!