Reviews for "The Ma$sAcre 2: Revenge"


We all put alot of effort into this, and it turned out awesome! Good thing you finally got through those problems BR. It's too bad that the middle of mine had to be cut out, but it's for the best I guess. Anyways, I enjoyed workin' on it. Great job everyone!

that rocked

and toughluck made his just like day of deafeat

Even better than 1 !

I didn't think it could get any better than 1, but you have outdone yourselves.

Oh Em Eff Gee!!!!

That was fucking awesome, I loved all of them, but toughluck's was my fav (as i said the others were still incredible) because it was just like DOD (Day of Defeat) and i love that game, looking forward for the next, and to other flash vids from all of you.


Work of Art

the collab was awsome bringing the best stick animations and some awsome fullbody animator silentkillah and jazza did a good job on there part but "The ending though was special"ToughLucks part was just amazing and it finished off the collab nicely i hope to see him again in The Ma$sAcre: 3