Reviews for "Trichinosis"


I love these political animations that have seriousness in them. Of course, there are a couple of things I disagree with, however, for the most part I agree with what you're saying. But, enough of the politics. The animation was awesome. The message was clear and didn't get me confused. Unfortunately, at times, the text goes by too quickly, but that's an extremely minor problem, so no point reduction for that.


It was good, damn good. It had a fitting message that's a decade old set to the world of today. I say a decade old because the world is quickly changing into something bizarre and different. I'm not going to say I agree or disagree as there wasn't much open opinion to agree or disagree with as much as a bunch of interesting information tied very well together to turn heads in a spectacular way. Well it's late and I am really tired. I watched the rest of your videos too and they have a bizarre flare to them too but it's unique and you're a great artist so the visuals really draw the viewer into your world without incidenct. I agree with a lot of what Aseychus is saying too but that has more to do with opinions and less with critiquing your work. And your work is good.

well done

you all ways combine your message well with attention grabing animation and a teaspoon of entertainment i hope more people see thease

Hmmmm......good flash.but on a serious note.....

I concur with Scyron about how socialism will not solve all the worlds problems. Just because a capitolist wants to make a profit, however large doesn't make him evil. even the most successfull multinational corporations started with hard work and determination. giving money to poor countries won't solve all thier problems because there has to be an incentive for a sytem to work.I would not be opposed to a company that invested in helping that country impiment research into advaanced agricultural techniques in order to become self-sufficent. If any thing corporations should applauded for making this country great, and sponsoring a lot technological along the way. We can help them by spreading capitolism.If they get a job, then they can buy food, if they can buy food they can prosper.

Good flash from an idealogy I hate

This is an excellent bit of animation. However, I must address that the moral squealing of socialists and ethical activists always sickens me.

The world is driven by rational self-interest. Yes, first world countries spend large sums on meat, cosmetics, ice cream, and other luxuries. But no, abandoning these would help nothing. You can bleat on charity endlessly, but the essential reality is that handouts do not help - and indeed hurt - prosperity. It may surprise you that the poor peoples of this world, at large, neither need nor desire your pity.

Economic success is not evil. Enjoyment of life is never reprehensible. Foreign activism has never and will never solve the woes of any nation; the third and first worlds are locked into their positions as agressed and aggressor. It is economics, not the first world turning to asceticism, that will feed the world.

Now I'm going to go back to eating this delicious steak.