Reviews for "Trichinosis"


i forgot if i had posted something before, but this brings me to tears just by seeing it and reading it. unfortunantly there is nothing i can do but influence others, and even that might not work, but thank you for atleast giving me some emotion about the world today, because all i see is a flat plains laid out by media, my friends, books, etc....


What makes this submission so good is that it's a real statement. It looks good, has a good soundtrack, and provokes thought. A job well done.


Excellent job.

It certainly made me think.
Its good that I already don't waste food.
When I am more wealthy, I will do my best to improve world hunger condition.
Good job again

Holy Jesus Shit

Grow some balls people, there are more than two types of polictical preference, if someone gives a shit about the lesser off people on the planet everyone is so quick to dimiss it as liberal bullshit, just stop sucking the presidents dick and get your own opinion.

dude i totally agree with you....

dude ur flash really made me think about what we are doing to ourselves and the world..i mean we need to kill those money hungry bastards and tale the money and put it to good use.....JUST PLAYING ABOUT THAT PART but really we need to take a look at ourselves and use our money and time and put it to good use and help others who are less fortunate....send me an AIM on gregoytheferg ^_^ PS gregorytheferg is my screenname jsut in case