Reviews for "Trichinosis"

A brilliant flash enough said

In response to the one below me... So if, and I say if. You met someone alone and they were in need dying slowly because of that need. Like maybe a simple drink of water because he is thirsty or a simple piece of bread because they starve you would not give it to them out of empathy? Pity?

Yes empathy. That is what this flash is really about. Relating to situations outside of this humble little world we as americans have created for ourselves. Everyone aiming for the big and quick paycheck, bigger and supposedly better meat, more electronic doo dads, more, more, more, bigger, bigger, bigger.

Mayhap this flash offends some because of its stab at what's 'yours'. It makes me ask a question though... Are you well any of you or us as a society really happy with what's ours? The BMW's or luxury cars? The fancy dresses? The big televisions? Any of the More and bigger that people like foxfried aim to protect by shutting of their souls?

Maybe that's why he's so angry... It makes him and all of us ask that question.


When we start looking at the world around us, will we see things as you do? And what's the alternative to a free market? Free slavery?

I suppose then that there is some significance in your reference to Animal Farm's infamous mantra. But I do wonder--who is the pig? The American who manifests his freedoms in the form of ignorance and gluttony, or the vague moralist determined to rob him and "feed the starving masses"?

What is mine is MINE, friend. And neither you, nor Marx, nor "God" can tell me otherwise.

Excellent graphics, by the way.

you say the music is by weezie?

i have tryed looking him up to download that song and i canot find it anywhere can someone give me more details on the song?

I might not agree on the message.

But the flash is very well done. You are obviously very talented at conveying your point through flash. The graphics, animation, and music all fit the theme of the peice very well. The world needs more people like you to get the big issues across.

well theres nothing to say bad about it huh?

....thats it i couldnt think of anything els