Reviews for "Trichinosis"


That was deep, man

indeed, sir. indeed.

yet another argument for why, when we are destroyed by our future robot overlords some day, none will weep for humanity.

its nice to know some 1 still has there eyes open

It makes me sick to think of the ignorance in this country, I would love to change things for the better and find away to make a common ground with out famine or poverty, but hoarding is human nature and time has away of repeating it self. so what the point :(

Absolutely terrific.

I completely agree with this entry, that the richer countries of the world need to do something before all other countries are wiped out. But the richest people in those countries control the politicians, and therefore, what the government does. I have been an active vegetarian for over 5 years, and so I do not waste nearly as much grain as the majority of people do. And to the person who said that not buying a computer would have bought over one hundred sandwiches? I have several comments about that. One is: the brilliant person who made this flash is raising awareness, as i have told all of my friends about this flash, and they told all of their friends, and all of us are now actively making contributions to Third-World countries. All in all, the equivalent of two-thousand sandwiches, if not more. Also, what about YOU? Why did you buy a computer if you were going to whine and bitch at someone for buying one of their own when they made your brain hurt wondering why the world mommy and daddy told you was, in reality, filled with problems much more severe than our own daily trivia. And to the whole "Commie" thing: Communism is a system of government where all wealth is distributed evenly. It is a fair system which has known mediocre leaders and oppression from people who don't know what Communism is, except that the U.S. fought against it, so it must be bad. Well, it's not. The U.S. fights against innocent Iraqis, so they must be bad, too. Right? No. Neither are evil. They have just been stereotyped by the same system constantly. That is all I wish to say about other reviews. While all "Free-World" countries are somewhat to blame, that does not matter at this point. What matters is that people need to do something NOW. We can always place the blame on others, even ourselves easily. But it doesn't matter "who started it". What matters is that we sat back and either watched it happen, never decided to look, or ignored it all. START NOW. You don't know where to start? How about becoming vegetarian, like one of the previous comments said? People would waste a lot less food on cows who can eat grass than people who don't have anything to eat but termites. The flash was terrific, very thought provoking, and should be manditory viewing in every school in the world, translated into that countries/reigons language.

this flash has changed my life

i read what the low-opinion ppl said and they're fucking stupid. the rich ppl arent struggling to survive, they just want more money, and that non-stop greed will never get them happy, but we need someone that should stand up, and be a rich person that helps others , like in africa, the countries there are at war, and they need tools for money, but we shouldnt come in there and try to bring peace, we shouldnt be like those "peacekeepers" with batons and guns with rubber bullets, we should really invest the money of the rich for tools for the natural resources, that way, they can refine wood, metal, etc. to make docks. for exports, and imports, but NOOOOOOOOO the americans first just had to enslave africans and mine and pick THEIR resources we really the government really just wants more power, AND FOR WHAT? they can do anything they want in their lifetime thats aimed for the entertainment for themselves, so why be more greedy? we re all so selfish, and we dont help others because we want to, its either a publicity stunt, they made a deal, or they're confused. i havent heard of anyone that did that because they purely wanted to help others, and to that person that said the strong and cunningare the only ones that survive, what about bush? his oil company, arbutus was ran into the ground by him , hes the stupid and weak, but then daddy came and rescued him, plus, he and his buddy, James R. Bath decided to do skip their military duty by refusing to take a physical test of some sort. and whats with that guy that thought u wer a commie? helping those that cant help themselves makes u a commie? what if they cant help themselves? AND UR ALSO A COMMIE IF UR AGAINST THE CURRENT GOV? WTF? THE PPL THAT MADE THESE ACCUSATIONS IN THE GOV REALLY ARE JUST TRYING TO DISTRACT THE PPL FROM WHAT THE "COMMIE" IS REALLY TRYING TO SAY. unbelieveable flash.