Reviews for "Trichinosis"


but they kinda went by to fast

oh god

This is one of the biggest concerns in the world today. I dont know how or what to say....The last guy is a jack-ass because this video didn't open people's eyes...There eyes were already open to the things discussed here. You put everything in a perfect sync of metaphore that people that see this will think but they already have been thinking. No one cares about how other people are in the world as long as there credit and accounts are all in good standings. People want to complain that we treat our POW's wrong by not feeding them enough and not treating them right...they deserve that treatment. There are people like ethiopians that get worse treatment but have or had no intention in harming anyone. I seriously think that this video (in my eyes) deserves to put on the front page and kept up there so people that are new to the site or haven't seen newgrounds in ahwile will see this. I just happened to be scanning and the name of it caught me but it wont for everyone.


you are so right, well done for opening peoples eyes about what is going on in the world, good work!

*stands and claps*

As an unabashed Socialist, this flash brought a tear to my eye. Do you subscribe to Adbusters? If not, I really think you should. It shares our same belief...that those who are in need of help should be helped...and that goodwill and charity come before all else.

I think in time, our country (The U.S.) will be a third world nation itself. With jobs going to China, companies hiring Illegal immigrants, the border situation worsening, and our freedoms being ripped awya thanks to inbred texas hicks voting Republican every year, it won't be long before we are all living in straw houses.

I'm very "Afluent", and I'm thankful for that. However, I donate thousands each year to the salvation army in money, food, and clothing. Everyone should. Thanks for the flash. Maybe others will listen.


Nice to see more people focused on the big picture train of thought! So many people don't realize how much they actually spend a year on nothing but trash that they will never see again without a thought. How much of that forgoted amounts could be used to benefit those who have nothing. Well done!