Reviews for "Trichinosis"


Nice Animal Farm includes... I have read both the book and seen the movie... I liked the bomber ducks in the movie XD

Wake up

Extremely well done flash, and I'm pleased that you included information on what to do after this point, now that we're disturbed at what was just presented.

Nice flash, but...

Well put together, original idea, good flash. However, this kind of came across as passive aggressive diatribe. You present these facts, and then you tell people to think about the world around them and do something positive, as if that would be all it takes to change things. You take for granted that your position is the correct one, that what you think about the world is correct and that what you do and think to be positive is in fact positive. I don't disagree with your views sir, but people do think and do positive things, they just think and prioritize differently. What would change things is an accessible and trustworthy education about the world and realistic solutions (realistic, not idealistic) to its problems.
The message you deliver in your flash only riles those who already agree with you and alienates those who don't. Being shocking and accusatory like this just makes people defensive and unwilling to listen or take your position seriously. In this way it harms the way to the changes you're calling for. Your heart is in the right place, but approaches to change like this one are very numerous and rarely effective.
Keep up the good flash.

save us...

Ok.. to start with, great work Hatrobot, I enjoy this immensely each time I watch it. Now, as long as some people wish to stay within their star spangled bubbles, nothing you or I can say will change their minds. I'm not a devoted socialist and I think communism is flawed by dint of human greed. You also fail to address the issue of corruption, a fact which I believe has already been brought up. (Ironically this is of course what Orwell and you are talking about but I think some people may have missed this and are crying ‘hippie’. Also, by my estimation it would take more like 150 billion to solve world hunger if you factor in corruption. In addition, solving these problems will not stop wars, ethnic cleansings and whatever else ails the world we live in.
However, what you are doing is 100% praiseworthy FULL STOP. Awareness is the first step in this issue and is vital. To those who believe that America needs money more than the third world, I have a fact for you – are you ready?

If California declared independence from the USA it would be the 4th richest country in the world.

To those who say ‘what’s mine is mine and will stay mine’ I say fine. But if I was a Muslim extremist, I’d want to hurt you too. How can you not understand that this ‘blind-eyed-isn’tamericawonder ful’ approach removes all humanity? How can such a large %’age of americans call themselves Christian and buy into this!?

I’d write more but it gets kinda mean so I’ll stop here.

Awesome flash.

Working local.

I am in a “AP” environmental sciences class. Day after day I hear my peers weep false tears after being presented with sad statistics. I say these are false because shortly after class they forget about them and continue on.
Your flash was amazing, so I incorporated it into a presentation for my class. With it, parts of Al Gores “inconvenient truth” and other assorted information me and some of my peers created a presentation that motivated my class to cause changes in the school. We now have a school wide car pool system reducing our emissions by 2/3 and a amazing total of 1/3 of our school has become vegetarian and about half of the former vegetarians have become vegan (I myself cant give up salmon and cheese). These changes are among many others. But the effect which I am most proud of is the amount of money our school has raised for different charities, the drives are not over but when they are I hope to post the results.
Thank you for your work.