Reviews for "Trichinosis"


You got some of that from Animal Farm right? Anyway it was a great animation. Keep thrm coming!

Food For Thought

Good message and animation. It was definately very different from what we're used to seeing around here. But the text went by too fast. I couldn't get through all of it before it would disappear. Also, I agree with the review about leaving links in the credits and such.


I really liked this. Nice style and animation, well-organized. Good message, too. You don't see stuff like this on NG too much.

The only thing I would have liked more is some info for people who seem confused as to what they can do to help, since judging by the reviews there are a lot of them. Maybe add some links at the end, if that's allowed.

To the reviewer who said, "at least I don't waste my food", you seem to be missing the point. While it's nice that you clean your plate and feel grateful, you aren't really helping anybody by doing that. Go vegetarian or in the very least, eat less meat so that the demand is reduced. Look at websites discussing the issues of vegetarianism and food shortages, etc, to learn more.


Dam good way to speak the truth, igrnorant bastards these days dont care, this world needs a good slap in the face. Good job


I had no idea on what a waste the world has become maybe you're right with the repersentation of us all as pigs, indulging, and wasteing what is left over.But what do you contribute?