Reviews for "Trichinosis"

It's well made..

..but you could have bought more than a hundred sandwiches for the poor if you didn't waste your money on a computer.


This was awsome, it was funny and witty, the music and the scenes all blended a theme that was quite refreshing and new. Overall all I can say is can't wait till your next movie.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

Nice work

Keep on rocking the boat, this world needs more of that!

The sad truth

So sad....but so true. Good video. Great information. Great analogy. I wonder if anyone will ever tire of the idiots running our country. Keep up the good work...improve the animation a little and you will have classic work.

Nicely put.

A few of the stats were slightly mistyped, though only slightly. The graphics are superb, just the text proclaiming the figures is very hard to read because it goes off so quickly and it really breaks the flow if you are rushing to read something.

The sad thing is the problem with this idea that you say is that the 25 richest people are rich because they don't give away their wealth. Not because of that solely, but it's the attitude that makes being rich and not being as generous as possible go together. And the workforce needed to make the ideas happen would be a challenge because it could quite happily unbalance your own economy with so many people randomly going out and helping other countries that the money to do all this work might devalue and create more problems. I agree with the war in Iraq though, the US really needs to stop fighting to get oil and start working on how to make sustainable resources.

To people reading, this is not meant to be conflicting or make anyone angry, and if some things I have said are slightly wrong it is unintended. I just know it's very easy to get people angry on subjects like this.