Reviews for "Trichinosis"

Good, intelligent Flash

Excellent images and information.

The material is very much up my street and I hope you have given many people cause to think.

I gave it 4/5 because there isn't actually much animation, but it was borderline 5 and I might come back and vote 5 some other time!

Nice to see quality flash with details, good sound and music and credits etc.

could you insert just a few more frames to read the info about heathcare, other wise the timing was perfect.
Well done,

Thank you


i wonder. . . THis is so true. . . god i hate this world. . .nice job, i totally agree/ . . .

Cataclismists Rock!!!!!!!!!



I know about it already, but wtf am I supposed to do? I'm just a kid who has nothing better to do then sit on a PC all day...It is apalling how rich people such throw their money around while others are suffering, and even when they donate to charity it's just a publicity stunt. If I was rich, I would have a lot to spare, and indeed I'ld rather throw it away to people who are gonna put it to a good cause, then just stare at the piles of cash.

Great work

This was a really good Flash. I like seeing things like this put out there.

Reading through the reviews, I noticed that third_eye7 quoted a Nine Inch Nails song, March of the Pigs. I just thought that it was funny because that song is about gang rape, not necessarily greediness. But oh well.

Anyways, where did you get your facts from, specifically? I know I've seen them before collectively. At the end of your Flash, you should have also had the links open in new windows so that after you click on one, you don't have to go back to the movie to get to a different one. Just my two cents.

Really, though, this was well-made, and stylish. Good work; keep it up!

What the world needs!

I've always believed that Flash holds powerful potential for conveying very important political messages. It gives a chance to present parody, satire and tragedy in the way a still political cartoon does except it has the bonus of movement, music and wide potential consumption. This flash has these qualities in spades and the heart is entirely in the right place. If every person on the globe saw this they might realise what an awful mess some of our actions are making of some people's lives. In the struggle to raise awareness and mobilise the earth to make life tolerable for a significant majority this flash shows what the first steps must be. My thanks to the author - let this not be the end!