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Reviews for "How to Draw The Simpsons"

Pretty cool really.

I guess i will always refer to this to.. draw the simpsons?? lol whatever, i liked the tutorial. Mabye you could add un-important people in ur next flash (If ur going to make another)
I liked it.

Aprime responds:

Yeh like Apu mahasapetalon, Burns and Willy, lol, but first ill need to learn how to draw the proply, then i can show all of you guys and galz how :), it was funny in that epp when bart lost he dog, and willy said i ate hes guts, i ate his bones, and i ate the mess he made on the floor, lol, any way, please visit www.Aprime.tk

Not bad

Not my thing, but still gave it a good points!

Aprime responds:

mmm, im guessing your born in July, I might be wong, cos july ppl dont seem to be very creative, any way thanks for voting high even thoe its not your style, dont foget to visit www.aprime.tk

Not Bad

I am thinking of trying to draw them, I was going to but I could not find a pen.

Aprime responds:

Never ever use pens when drawing, always pencles, not pens, its messy, and if you wana do it in pen do it in pencle first the do it in pen on top and rub out the pencle, and some picture are best when there not coloured in!

email: aprime.tk@gmail.com dont ask me why, i dont no why, i just advertise my email :), i no email what you thing i should make next!

go on www.aprime.tk :)


on homer im guessing the "M" Stands for matt. And his ear is a "G" which stands for groening or however the hell it is spelled. SO that stands for his name. Im not so sure about it though. Maybe i just look too far into things.. good though.

Aprime responds:

lol, kk, but im sure you should have gaven the violence 10, lol.
thanks for the review


It was okay..

I liked salad fingers and southpark one's better.. they where easyer just a plain picture but with these they are holding or doing somthing hard todraw like lisa with her sacsiphone or whatever it's called and i didnt really wanna see barts bum :/ but it's still good hope to see more from you.

Aprime responds:

lol, i no what you mean, i agree with you 100%, if i make another one i will bare that in mind :)