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Reviews for "How to Draw The Simpsons"


The "M" stands for Matt Groening.

Aprime responds:

Yay, i think me and you are the only ones that no that, lol, now they dont, u told people :(, owell, lol Thanks for voting, i might make a simpsons game "homer the flanders killer" email me what you think!

email: aprime.tk@gmail.com


WOW! Thanks, I've been trying to draw the simpsons forever, and I couldn,t do it untill you came allong! Could you possibly do one of itchy and scratchy? Please? ^.^

Aprime responds:

Thats a good idea, ill probably add some other charectors as well

vry very nice i like is...no i LOVE it...

ive alwais wonderd how to draw the simpsons...ok its nice n all but homer's pants are blue...and can you teatch us how to make the simpsons characters in diffrent possitions? ok wellp cya...

Aprime responds:

ye if i have tym, thanks for the review

Add me to favs,


some spelling wrongs like charector but its character but almost pretty good

Aprime responds:

Yeah, I was really young when I made it haha

<3 Loved It.

I Drew all of the simpsons on the same page (almost) axept for bart which i turned in for art class and got a A. Thanks for this tutorial ive been sitting here for about 1hr and 30min drawing had alot of fun and the spelling errors didnt bother me thats how i type alot.

Aprime responds:

Excellent! Glad it helped!