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Reviews for "How to Draw The Simpsons"

Thank you!

I love Simpsons and finally I found a way to draw it! Nice job! Keep the good work!

Aprime responds:

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A fun game to play.

The tutorial was pretty descriptive of what to do to draw them. Of course this should be more like a movie since you don't actually draw the character. Whichis exactly why I gave it a 5 in interactivity. But other than that it was pretty cool. Good job dude.

I salute to the people who died in 9/11. :'(

Aprime responds:

Well it said game/interativity, you probaly neva submitted any thing b4, well thats what it says, and i think it sad that thoes ppl and 9/11 died, did you see that Television programe about the man who predicted 9/11, any way thanks for voting, vote 5, if you didnt then vote again tomorow, and go on my site www.aprime.tk :)

Not bad

Not my thing, but still gave it a good points!

Aprime responds:

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Not Bad

I am thinking of trying to draw them, I was going to but I could not find a pen.

Aprime responds:

Never ever use pens when drawing, always pencles, not pens, its messy, and if you wana do it in pen do it in pencle first the do it in pen on top and rub out the pencle, and some picture are best when there not coloured in!

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Great tutorial! The characters look a lot more professionally drawn than in the Bart one as well. Great graphics, great instructions, great interface. Keep up the great work!


Aprime responds:

lol, very true

check out homer the flanders killer