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Reviews for "How to Draw The Simpsons"

man u rule

hey thanks for the help but can u make one were u draw it on the computer u da best ps make on of apu talk to me bak XD

Aprime responds:

ok i might do first im working on a game when u thow pies, bye



i actually found this whole thing extremly nifty because ive always wanted to know how to draw some of my favorite characters, and you did a great job on the step by step process, you could make a great game or movie out of this too, i hope you make more of these kind of things, keep up the good work, 5

Aprime responds:

Thanks, Im alway draw the simpsons, if your reading the reviews, please could you email me what you thing about the game im might make, ull no what im talking about when you read the rewiews, thanks Again! :)


Hey this was a farely decent tutorial mutch better than your draw bart simpson one i love your dress up a habbo game maybe we could work together to make a habbo dressup? I have lots of, alts

Aprime responds:

yeh sound great maby you could help me with my next game "homer simpson flanders killer"

I am a terrible artist and I can do this!

I am simply amazed by your simple directions. I didn't know it was that easy! Thanks, and make How to draw the Mario Brothers Next. Please.

Aprime responds:

Yeh sounds great but first i need to know how to draw them ;) thanks for reviewing, but next im going to make "Homer Simpson Flanders Killer" :)

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I really liked your game but the spelling was horrible. Dude, stay in school!

Aprime responds:

i will, i made this ages ago so my spelling was bad, but nows its better :D

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