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Reviews for "How to Draw The Simpsons"

Drawing the Simpsons

This might be useless if I ever decide to draw the Simpsons. lol very nice work, though there was too many grammar mistakes, not sure if you're doing this on purpose.

Aprime responds:

as i said b4 its a how to draw not a how to spell, thoe i am pretty lazy, shssss, dont tell any one, lol, thanks for voting, Advertise my site :)

www.aprime.tk ;)


The "M" stands for Matt Groening.

Aprime responds:

Yay, i think me and you are the only ones that no that, lol, now they dont, u told people :(, owell, lol Thanks for voting, i might make a simpsons game "homer the flanders killer" email me what you think!

email: aprime.tk@gmail.com

Not bad

Not my thing, but still gave it a good points!

Aprime responds:

mmm, im guessing your born in July, I might be wong, cos july ppl dont seem to be very creative, any way thanks for voting high even thoe its not your style, dont foget to visit www.aprime.tk

Very good way of helping you learn to draw

excellent "learn to draw program" the best thing i have seen on this genre for a long time. Hope you keep up the good work, im able to draw homer single handed now :-) thank you very much

Aprime responds:

Hey thanks for Reviewing, Its great people can draw the simpsons free handedly, all you need is imagination, i starting to think, i shouldnt have made it now, im jelous, lol, joking, any way thanks, you fogot to vote, if you aredy have keep voting ever day lol, go on my weibste www.aprime.tk ;)

I am a terrible artist and I can do this!

I am simply amazed by your simple directions. I didn't know it was that easy! Thanks, and make How to draw the Mario Brothers Next. Please.

Aprime responds:

Yeh sounds great but first i need to know how to draw them ;) thanks for reviewing, but next im going to make "Homer Simpson Flanders Killer" :)

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