Reviews for "How to Draw The Simpsons"


you make it look so easy, im gonna try now. oh please just walk on through the portal now! 10-5 for you!!!

Aprime responds:

Thanks im getting realy good credit from a guy whos 21, and im 13, thats like 8 years older than me, i bet ur not 21 and u jt go a guy off the internet as your pic, lol, any way, thanks for voting 10/5, ???, any way im going to make a game called homer simpsons flanders killer, ill put ur name in the credits, for no reason, lol, any way, thanks for voting, and go on my webisite www.aprime.tk, :)


That was a great tutorial. The sound was nice. The pictures were awesome. Awesome job dude!

Aprime responds:

Thanks you sound like you no alot about the simpsons, and now you can draw them! Hey you wana email me! About a game i might make called "Homer simpson flanders killer" you can probable help

Email: aprime.tk@gmail.com
Website: www.Aprime.tk


The "M" stands for Matt Groening.

Aprime responds:

Yay, i think me and you are the only ones that no that, lol, now they dont, u told people :(, owell, lol Thanks for voting, i might make a simpsons game "homer the flanders killer" email me what you think!

email: aprime.tk@gmail.com


it's better then the episoad whar homy drws him self.

ps. if u want to no something at the begining of the ep. whar mage gose in the
convare belt it says m11 wellit did in one ep. byby

Aprime responds:

thanks for the comment

Yh, I think it is better than when homer draws himself
although thats the way the artists actually draw him

Thanks for the review

add me to favs

<3 Loved It.

I Drew all of the simpsons on the same page (almost) axept for bart which i turned in for art class and got a A. Thanks for this tutorial ive been sitting here for about 1hr and 30min drawing had alot of fun and the spelling errors didnt bother me thats how i type alot.

Aprime responds:

Excellent! Glad it helped!