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Reviews for "How to Draw The Simpsons"

Nice effort.

It's not bad but there are a few spelling errors. Charecter, instead of character, being the most obvious. Nice job though, and if I ever wanted to draw the Simpsons (which I can't see I do, at least for the time being) I will come back and try to find this.

Aprime responds:

Add me to your Favroits, Vote high, if you aready voted vote tomorow, because its an "How to draw the Simpsons" Tutorial not how to spell Tutorial, lol, any way please remeber to vote :) HIGH, lol, And please Visit www.Aprime.tk

Could have been better easily!

Such a waste! The tutorial, it's allright... Kinda limited and not sooo helpful, but nicely done.

Only, your spelling really annoyed me! Is it zo hard to use a dictionary? I'd even like to help you correct the mistakes!

Aprime responds:

Ok you can do that next time, when i make another Flah, but this is a "How to draw the simpsons" thing not a "How to spell thing", maby you can make that, but im not going to, any way if you voted like 2 today, vote 5 tomorow because its a how to draw not an how to spell ;), and please visit www.aprime.tk ;)


Well, the drawing was good. But my GOD... the spelling was terrible!!! Sometimes it was hard to tell what you were trying to say! Although, I do like your game... please, for the love of God... double-check your spelling and grammar.

Aprime responds:

haha, add me to favs

What is the point of it

it was very not useful to me i thought bit would be but it wasn't

Aprime responds:

ok thanks for the review

The drawings aren't even that good!

The music was annoying, the drawing were crapy, and you don't even know how to spell!

Aprime responds:

Umm are you blind did you even see the "stop music" button, and i can see you drawing better, and it not a spelling game u dick, oh and i dont see any of your flashes, well i wonder why?