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Reviews for "How to Draw The Simpsons"

This was great tutorial.

How to draw the simpsons tutorial was good,i learned few things from it.I dont think we have this kind of tutorial on newgrounds.

Aprime responds:

Thank you for Viewing, your the first person to review this thing, i just hope every one will say the same thing, any way thanks, I hope every one else likes it ;) please Visitwww.aprime.tk,

I am a terrible artist and I can do this!

I am simply amazed by your simple directions. I didn't know it was that easy! Thanks, and make How to draw the Mario Brothers Next. Please.

Aprime responds:

Yeh sounds great but first i need to know how to draw them ;) thanks for reviewing, but next im going to make "Homer Simpson Flanders Killer" :)

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I really liked your game but the spelling was horrible. Dude, stay in school!

Aprime responds:

i will, i made this ages ago so my spelling was bad, but nows its better :D

add me to favs


cool i found the whole thing quite interesting and usefull=]

Aprime responds:

Thanks for Viewing and Reviewing, Its great to know that people like it, im think maby i should make a game like "homer the flanders killer" what do you think! email me on aprime.tk@gmail.com, and dont foget to visit www.Aprime.tk

Much better

Ok this is so much better than the draw bart one it is jsut crazy.
I like that fact you used the step by step process in this one.
It made it so much easier to follow what you were doing with that process.
That is what I liek about most all the How to draw features you have the steps are easy to understand
The music was no surprise at all, glad you included the stop music button.
I like the fact you included the dog and cat in the list of characters.
Very nice job on this.

Aprime responds:

thanks, vote 5 every day ;)