Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"

This movie is so great!!!! awsome job man!!!!

i loved this movie the humor is unbelievable i hope u make another simular 1 like this its halarious.

Very Funny

I enjoyed this alot, mainly because of the dialogue. I've always been a fan of improv, and this cartoon is definitely one of the better ones i've seen. A+

smee again...

the pig was better than hitler.

Irrious responds:

a 4? you sure are a bitch.

I think...

It was okay. It wasn't the best flash I've ever seen but it was good. About those people, they can't take jokes. Although you responded to alot of the ones that complained by saying Fuckin' Jew or something. But that's not what I'm here for is it? Good animation. Alittle boring but pretty good I gave you a 6 overall.

F those idoits

Man, i thought u did a great job with the whole scene. If people thought it was an anti-semitc thing, then they mustn't be watching the same thing. He never said that it was right, or that what happend was good, i think most of the people who wrote in forgot a little word called SARCASM. Yes the pig did say some stuff like that, but the whole flash is slammin Hitler. People, u need to grow up, and not to get so mad at shit that was ment to be funny. If he wanted to make some anti jew thing, it woulda done it. So i say relax.