Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"

Lol good shit man

good fuckin work that was hilarious. i love this ive watched it like 5 times and it gets funnier each time, im jewish and i still got a shitload of kicks out of it, does it have jewS? JUICE?.. no, lol

Good stuff.

Wasnt the BEST out there, but it kept me entertained. Art wasnt that great, but it wasnt bad either. Good job.

To all the babies out there complaining about anti semitism, fuck you. This isnt dissing your ppl at all, its making fun of hitler. You insult you ppl by not even being smart enough to understand that. "Im jewish and hes talking about hitler, omfg, it happened 50 years ago, I have to bitch about this! Hes not even dissing me or my religion, but the person that slaughtered ppl of the same religion as me!" Yeh, you babies suck.

uuuuh, Blitzkrieg und Ausschwitz

So what? Its cool to make hitler parodies, you conservative assholes out there! Uuuuh, Ausschwitz! And whats about dying people in africa, mass murder in so many wars, befor and after hitler even lived? He wasnt the devil, allright???


Man, I must be the least sensitive jew on the planet, compared to what some of the reviews here have to say. Man! I relize this is all in good taste. A pig is just trying to get Hitler in deep shit. Funny! :D


Nice work. It was poking fun at Hitler, but in a funny way, not just bashing him. Keep em coming. Nice improv by the way. There should've been like a Jew sandwich or something on the menu.