Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"


pretty good except that hitler never had a girly voice.


Dude that was funny!! lol

Wow! A magical everlasting chicken drumstick! LOL

Dude, that was so fucking hilarious! I love the script, and the characters. PLease make more and turn it into a series

That Freaking Pig

I swear I hate that pig so much, he's very irritating and the whole food in his mouth thing was just annoying please do better next time.

Not Bad

Ok, I'm jewish and this didnt offend me the least bit. I mean sure that what Hitler did but you all need to stop living in the fucking past. It's not 1940 anymore. Now see, if that shit was going on now THEN thats when you call him an ass hole. Either way the graphics were pretty good, style was ok I guess, not bad sound and the humor wasnt all that bad but it kinda draged on other words not bad at all. Just next time, if your like me and when you get shity reviews you get really pist, choose a less umm...offensive topic lol. Keep up the good work and those who are offended by it jewish or not...get over it...I mean really...it's just so jewish HA! FUCK YOU!