Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"


Not bad, not bad at all, definetly making progress NG.
I gave it a 10 in style souly because of his stache.



God read the writers comments...IT WAS A JOKE GET OVER IT....
It was funny specially when the pig was like "its hitler over here"

Decent Flash, Horrible Attitude

The flash itself I have no problem w/. Everyone has a RIGHT to put up anything they wish, and the public will either accept it or reject it. By putting hateful reviews into this, the people against this flash actually encourage publicity of this flash which in turn causes more wackos to see this and back up the author than if let be. I dont have a problem w/ the flash because I understand that the only way for some people to deal w/ such tiopics is through jesting about it, or others simply are trying to lighten up the mood. Yes we all understand the serious nature of true events, but what the real problem is here is that people take jokes too seriously. Nothing wrong with jokes lest the user himself believes it to be true and is serious himself about the joke.
Sadly, ALTHOUGH THE JOKE ITSELF IS NOT BAD, THE CREATOR OF THE FLASH IS! Throughout the reviews where people spout their perfectly understandable but hateful remarks towards the author, he responds w/ a very Anti-Semetic Tongue. By bringing the same Anti-Semetic remarks to the reviews, the author proves a real anger for Jewish society. TAKE THE FLASH FOR WHAT IT IS, A JOKE, AND THE AUTHOR FOR WHAT HE IS, AN ANTI-SEMITE.

Irrious responds:

Stop reading so much into it asshole. I'm trying to be funny by being ironic, such as defending myself against comments like yours and then saying something to completely contradict myself.

Fuckin' jew...

fun with hitler!?

Amazeing, i don't care what anybody else says, that was just great.

Just funny

It does my heart good when I come to NG and I find flash like this. Just good ol' family fun, sans the family.

Irrious responds:

Wow you must have one depraved family.