Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"

The title intrested me

I dont care that you made fun of the halocaust, I dont care about you making fun of jews, I do however care about the complete and utter waste of my time in watching this. This movie could have been funny, the idea was sound, but it went nowhere. And what the fu*k was the deal with the pig? Let me ask you a question...do you think he could have mumbled any more useless sh*t?

Irrious responds:

What's the "halocaust"?

Controversial master piece

Ok, enough of the insults because its 'racist'. It's a very funny flash. The whole point of humor is to look at something and make funny comments on it, in this case Hitler tries to buy food in a jewish café. No one likes Hitler, but he's just another character, like the waiters, and the pig. The funny bit is the pig making hitler feel awkward and hitler trying to cover his identity! Loosen up a big guy!*Ends rant* the flash was good, I found the sketchy style exceptionally good, but some of the lip-syncing was off. The actual sound was all out funny, and really fluent and flowing, no wooden-ness at all. It oozed style throughout, and as for the humor, one of the funniest shorts I've seen on newgrounds. Great job!

That's some funny shit.

Great video. Loved the entire theme of it. Funny, humorous, bla bla bla. What is really laughable is reading some of these reviews. It's so amazing how some people take the time out of their day just to go looking for random things to complain about. "Oh! It offended me!" "Oh! You shouldn't make fun of that!" or "Oh! I'm going to sit here and bitch about something insignifigant with my thumb up my ass!" Make something even more outrageous next time. I just love to hear people whine. ^^


With all the shit reviews, you'd expect this movie to be, you know, racist or something. But, ZOMG, it wasn't. It's called 'humor,' people. Just because the pig in the video was racist doesn't MAKE the Flash anti-semitic. Stop being uptight politically correct dolts.


Lol, it was pretty good, but that pig chewing and talking was fucking annoying...