Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"

I lol'd

Not as funny as my friend thought it was.

This was funny shit man

This is hilarious and anyone else who disagrees shall be stoned to death. (and not with crack with STONES)

Cool, cool...

Nicely done. Hilarious because I thought you and a friend sat there with a mic doing voices with improv, for one. And, it makes fun of zeh jews! I'm not racist, I just hate any one who thinks they should be able to alter what I do and say merely because of what hapened decades ago.
Go to hell!
Anyway, ja. Das gut.

thats hitler right there.

dude this is awesome.
I think because of this ill become a nazi.
of course im kidding.
im surprised you didn't get alot of shit on this.

your god, your freakin jesus.
oh this is oh sweet ass omg.
I'm done


Awsome Job dude! Its so freaking hilarious!!!!