Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"

Ok dont know what this was really about

But... 1'st off... pardon my language... FUCK hitler..ok...he was a dirty stinking mop sucking whore bag ok.... now... not bad animation..(Hitler=shit=nothing) um... didnt really get what this was about but i didnt watch all of it cuz anything with that asshat in it i dont like unless theyre killing him so.... overall...6


I understand why so many people would BLAM this thing but keep in mind that when you do this guy worked hard on this thing. I mean would a Southpark episode be blamed on here? Most likley not. If you thimk it's offensive thats ok because it is. But so is Southpark, and they do alot worse(i.e Passion of the Jews). So to the artist keep it up.

Damn dude..

If someone called playa-stylez is dumb, he wouldn't know antisemite, would he? And you can say it's a joke, and I see allot of sick people visit this website (please don't feel retarded and say "=O Offensive!") since they like this kind of humor. I wonder how you would feel when someone you know dies and we make "funny" movies about it. Maybe you'll laugh, it would be expected from a sick person like you..

And besides that, the graphics were so-so, the humor was bad (though almost all "funny" movies on NG have bad humor), I managed to understand everything but it would be so much easier with subtitles. You probably would've received a 2 for the effort if it wasn't so blasphemous. Congratulations on the zero.

Irrious responds:

If someone I knew died, and you made a flash movie about it, and executed it the same way I did this. I'd laugh, because it was a joke. But that scenerio isn't close to what we did. I didn't mention anyone one who died in the holocaust. No names were mentioned. It's not personal, why would your toon be? Nice logic, asshole. Thanks for nothing.


OK, at first i didnt litsen to when thay talked, becose it sounded booring... but when i did litsen, it was funny ass hell!

"hay kids! dont do drugs!"

Haha! That was just plain gold.

First off, I love reading your comments to those 'less intelligent' then we, hilarious, those alone show me you have great talent in terms of comedy. Comment on mine! :D

Second, that movie was just great! The graphics weren't all that new, you could make your own style a little unique, but the humour was flawless. You made a massacre into modern day comedy, the people that take offense are the people that get offended when you say "Your momma". And we all know what kind of people they are *rolls eyes*.

Now doing something Foamy hates..Two thumbs up, it's riveting!
Make more dude, good luck.

Remember kids, don't do drugs.