Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"

lol amazing mate

lol loved the little pic, well funny was amazing mate, did u do all the voices yourself? lol loved it

A note for people who actually read the reviews...

If you are Jewish and you find this offensive, why the hell are you watching flash about Hitler? To the people who aren't from this country and think that it blows, if we suck so much then how come we kicked you're ass sometime in the past? Another thing, why does everyone compare a joke to Family Guy? I don't think that there has ever been a joke done on Hitler in a Jewish deli getting his cover blown by a chicken eating pig before, have you? Anyway, great flash, make another one with a different theme, just to piss more people off for reasons they don't understand themselves.

P.S. Everyone, please learn how to spell, if you can't do that, at least learn that there is a difference between the words 'grate' and 'great'.


Not bad, it could be better, but everything could be better. first off i dont get all the reviews, its a joke and its not offensive, its a funny idea and it worked out pretty well. so all i have to say is get over it people don't you have better stuff to do then sit infront of your computers and whine about some cartoon?


the best movie ive seen on newgrounds

Irrious responds:

the best movie on newgrounds gets a 9?

funny as hell

mp u suxorz at life, this is some funny shit