Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"


LOOOOL! That was goddamned hilarious!

Damn! Was I supposed to laugh?

I just thought it wasnt funny. I know you did it as a joke and whatnot, but...it wasn't funny. It wasnt good not because of the redundant "you're against jews!" reviews you seem to be getting, but I didn't like it because it was just plain boring. It was a pain to watch the same animation loops and mouth movements over and over with only one camera angle for that long of an animation. Dave and Hitler...they were just ripoffs of family guy-ish personalities it seemed what with them talking over eachother and everything...It got really boring after the first 20 seconds. You obviously have the talent to create animations, so take it another way next time...make it more unique, give your characters different personalities, and make them do more then stand in one frame and talk!...Or you don't have to. I dont care. If this helps, cool. If it does not, just disregard this.

Irrious responds:

No you weren't supposed to laugh, you were supposed to suck my dicks. all 9 of them.


The funniest thing about this is the animation. That pig.. was so funny. Something about this reminded me of Family Guy. Thanks for the laugh. This is going in my favorites.

How would you like it

My people haved pushed around for 5000 years and the holocaust was the most atrocious of things to happen to my people. So I'm asking how would you like it if you knew your family was smaller than others because the last 3 generations of your family were killed for their beliefs. Sounds bad huh, well then imagine people making a joke out of it destroying the dignity and respect the dead deserve from solemn and silence the events should evoke from people. I hope you someday understand and apologize until then blamming your blatant piece of disrepectful trash will have to do.

Irrious responds:

Your people? You mean canadians? Oh yea I'm sure canadians have been around for 5000 years. I mean I was there cause I'm a bagillion years old.

Ps. read the fucking comments before bitching.

Flippin' hilarious.

Holy cow, I nearly pissed myself laughing.

Well done. Keep the flashs coming!