Reviews for "Roof Tiling"


I loved your work for a while, but holy crap. That was messed. I love all the great sounds that you put in. I was on edge the entire time. By the way, Is the first picture that pops up in the end mick from slipknot?

Fuck Yes

Screw you aznblank...........David... you kick ass your demented stories are what keep me going

I want my money back...

I was promised roof tiling, and he never actually retiled the roof...
But still, good work, it was rather interesting to watch, and pretty funny too. Am I the only one who thought it was funny?... Oh well.
Keep it up, I'm looking forward to your next flash...


I did like salad fingers. But this, Woa, I loved the background. The other drawings were "Kick Ass", but the Background was "Wicked." hope to see some more of your stuff soon. oh yes, the voices, the voices.....I REALLY ENJOYED the voices.

VERY interesting.

Regardless of what its meant to be, it has its moments of horror, and comedy. Generally, to me, its...a movie. With much originality. Therefore, it recieves a 10 rating and 5 vote from me.