Reviews for "Roof Tiling"

Once again,great work.

I watched this and I loved it. It's great work that isn't scary. I love the application of black and white,and yet it still portrayed great detail and got the points across.The violence was pretty sweet,and I still love the crazy scene-hopping with the loud noises.The music was cool,and I actually felt sorry for that guy who was on the roof a lot.Poor poor guy.Yeah,like I said style just rocks..the graphics to,the sketchyness of it makes it look even more creepy. The only thing I did't quite get was that very last scene.The little splice after he falls off the roof.I was expecting something,it was just too peaceful...then I missed it.I'll be watching this again and again...Only one question,what's with the crows?

Makes me giggle like a school girl

Darkness is best, and you, sir, are the epitome of it, or the source of it, I haven't decided yet. It's funny how someone who could be completely appalled by your works will still giggle in the back of their mind at it no matter how vile they think it is.

Great as always. Keep it up.

Yes, Mr. Firth...

Mr. Firth is probably my favorite flash artist of all time, and he has yet to disappoint. The twisted and creepy style remains the same, an incredible feat. This flash one of my favorites of his work. Psychologically stimulating but not unescessarily gruesome. The technique used for this movie was incredible. David Firth is indeed an artistic genius. Love it, leave it.

Beautiful and touching

Being a sufferer of chronic depression, I can really appreciate what you have captured here. It was quite saddening and true, the life that you have portrayed. I really love the artwork too. Keep them coming.


man that was good all around hell yea it was kinda creepy but it wass all good