Reviews for "Sunscreen Tree"


twas alright
Kinda like having an 0ld wise man g0ing 0n at y0u f0r ab0ut 5 mins BUT i still quite liked it i think it was really g00d actually
um i think u shud make m0re like this
Peace and l0ve

i liked it

so should you

Not Bad...Not bad at all

it requires a lot of time to do something like that...well done...can't think of anything else to write...shutting up

i think this is a very good animation

the animation is good, yes it doesnt have much animating happening, but it fullfills itself, it does what it needs to be, it could be better but its great how it is, the message in this flash animation is one taht everybody should understand. its flashes like these that newgrounds should keep, yet they get low becasue everyone is looking for animated pornography or animated violence, instead of turning on their t.v.'s and having it right there, there are no more shows or messages anywhere, this is possibly the only place for people to get good messagess. but they waste them instead of turning on their t.v. overall great animation great song, and i dont tghink you could have done any better, i know i couldent. it wasnt perfect but it doesnt need to be, good job. and remember .... always use sunscreen ^^


So true.