Reviews for "Sunscreen Tree"

I graduated to this !!!

dude, i graduated the year this song came out, and it has taken THAT long for someone to come out with anything that resembles the humour that the song is about. THANK YOU!! This would have been better to have it play in the background then to have the 1 of a thousand freaking vali-dick's act it out. I am glad you kept it simple, it is a real tribute to the song.

selfish plug


Modern style of the facts

You tell it like it is.


thankyou for that its just great to see some thing with so much knowledge and power i dont know why this hasnt made the front page. thanks for putting this flash on here aswell its truely inpirational


Dude, this is awesome. It really let you sit there and think about your purpose in life and stuff like that...a bit long though. Nice music as well.

Holy shit.

That was a great flash. It kinda makes you think of what you do in life...