Reviews for "Sunscreen Tree"

Some good advise

I really loved the back ground Music, and the calm monotone of the "ent" tree man, but , and so i remembered this for, god, three years now back when it was underdog on the portal, and I have tried to take the advise within it. My sister and i get along better than we did three years ago, and i learned alot about my parents, and i don't ever read fashion magazines. Thanks for making the flash, and to people who will are about to view it, learn from it, its funny and soulful.


ahhh, another one of those priceless things in life...beutiful
race with yourself, eh? it seems i already am..
always, and forever

Love it

I have watched this many times over the past... week or two, it is wonderful, i lvoe it.

This was pretty cool.

I like it. This made me think about life for once...yea pretty damn good keep it up.


YOU are awesome. this has been a truely inspirational video