Reviews for "Sunscreen Tree"


This is a great piece of work, it sums up life. If i could give a 20 for style i would, great job man, make more, i think this has touched people.

I am "speechless"...

This flash, not like any other before, reached me in my inner deeps, in sensible places, places I had forgotten or that I was only trying to make myself forget. Like the movie explained we must accept present and thus, we must not worry about what is going to happen even though sometimes we must not reject things that would be helpful eventually for our own being, like sunscreen, but those things must not disturb our life in any way... If you understand what I'm trying to say in this long review (and obviously maybe too long and maybe not a review after all), then you are human and needless to say, you've already wasten some of your life with futile things but it's not too late, it's never too late you must grab the reins and get a hold on your life. That's what I just realized and I thank you FakeShot for this priceless movie that will be forever in my memory (if i don't suffer of Alzeimer later).


It was trully beautiful. Thank you. Thank you for giving birth to this piece. Do not ever stop creating.

FakeShot responds:

I have to stop submitting for a while.. i have a 15 day auto ban because i submitted one to many... *sigh*


this inspired me.

Very good.

I liked this a lot. I think I'll show it to my brother. Kinda inspiring too...