Reviews for "Sunscreen Tree"

Good Job

This song came out when I was about 15 and I'd forgotten how powerful it was. Good job on picking a song like that.

FakeShot responds:

Hehe ^^ Glad to refresh some old memories for ya!

Really great and heartfelt.

Ive always loved that song, mainly for the truth it contains. You did an excellent job at capturing the songs message!

cool stuff

really nice. Loved it. Good job whoever made it.


Very nice flash here,while still fitting the underdog title, I enjoyed it. The pictures that went along with the Sunscreen tree's dialouge fitted in perfectly and prevented the veiwer from becoming bored. Nice job.

This is, well, its an underdog alright.

There is no violence, there is no sexual content, there is no blood, no action, no interaction, but there is one thing, potential of being a -true- underdog. A meaningful song, or audio if you want, added with some great storytelling. Although this movie is not as envolving as the actual video of this song, it's a damn well good job and its very well synced with the music. Overall, this is a very invlving flash that is well worth the watch and you should be damn well proud of this.